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Charlie Wilson's War

The movie, "Charlie Wilson's War" received an incredible amount of pre-release publicity. Tom Hanks was everywhere. Pictures of Charlie Wilson in real life were seen on most the talk shows. It is a fascinating, larger-than-life story. I haven't seen the movie. Probably won't. But I have seen Charlie Wilson.

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in Lufkin, Texas in the sixties. I was enjoying the day away from my church duties, waiting for a ball game on TV. The door bell rang and I expected it to be one of our church members from Calvary Baptist Church. It was not. A young man stood there with a button on his jacket and cards in his hand. He smiled warmly and said: "Hello, I am Charles Wilson and I am running for (congress or representative, I am not sure) and would appreciate your vote." I asked him to tell me about himself and he told me he was a military veteran. I don't remember much else. It was long ago, but I do remember Charles Wilson. I was impressed. Here was a young man on a Saturday in Lufkin, Texas, going from door to door seeking votes. He must really want to be in politics. I told Charles Wilson I would vote for him and I did. Charles Wilson won the office.We moved from Lufkin in a year or so and I never thought of Charles Wilson again. Now, here he is, Charlie Wilson; once hard-drinking, partying, powerful congressman Charlie Wilson.

So, what do we know about men and women running for office? Usually, not much. Often, not enough. A smile and handshake and a baby kiss and they are gone. I hope Charlie Wilson didn't win by one vote that Fall.


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