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The Motorbike Accident

My older sister is Dorcie Pogue Caldwell. She and her husband live in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Dorcie is an artist and former teacher. She is a bright, intelligent woman. In one event as a teen-ager she was not so bright. It was a costly mistake.
Home-made motorbikes were popular in the forties. One could order a motor, and with belts and gears could turn a bicycle into a motorbike. A friend of my sister had done that to a bike. It was summer. School was out. We lived next to the school, only separated from it by a gravel road. My Mother and I were standing at the screen door looking out to the schoolyard. We saw Dorcie on the home-made bike. She was coming down one side of the old building. The bike was gaining speed. We watched in horror as Dorcie headed straight for the brick wall surrounding the schoolyard. She could not turn the bike enough to go up the other side, and she didn't know where the brake was, so she slammed the wall and sailed over it into the middle of the road. My Mother said, "Go see about her.". Mother was scared half to death. I ran to the road and knew immediately she was hurt badly. Someone brought an umbrella to shield her from the summer sun. Mother told me to get on my bike and go to the nearest phone at a neighbors house about a half-mile away. I don't know how fast I rode, but I got there in record time. It would take an hour for the ambulance to come from Fort Smith. We didn't move my sister, but tried to keep her still as possible. She was finally taken to a Fort Smith hospital with broken bones and internal injuries. It was a miracle she wasn't killed. No helmet. No protective gear, and no idea how to stop this home-made machine.
When young people approach most vehicles, be it motorbike, go-cart, four-wheeler, or car they often only want to know where the "gas" is. the MOST IMPORTANT thing to know is where the brake is located. My sister never learned to drive a car. She cannot drive to this day.
She has never had a wreck, gotten a ticket, or renewed her license. She has been around the world, seeing China, Russia, and many other exciting places. She didn't drive to any of them.
If she ever tries to drive her first question will be, "Where's the brake?".
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with my eye." Psalm 32;8


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