The Bible doesn't say whale or shark. It speaks only of a fish. There is a fish capable of doing the job quite well of swallowing Jonah without the usual damage. It is the biggest fish swimming the oceans; a whale shark. The whale shark can be as much as 45' feet in length and weighing several tons. It is polka dotted and a gentle giant. Smithsonian Magazine has a story this month with pictures. It is categorized as a shark for it's cartilage skeleton, rather than bone. It is called a whale shark because this monster eats, not people, but plankton! It gulps in huge amounts of sea water, then filters it and keeps the plankton, along with the fish eggs of tunny.

They accept divers quite well. However an accidental swat could send one reeling. Their life cycle is still a bit of a mystery. They are found in various oceans around the world. Tags placed on these sharks have them going all the way to the waters between Brazil and Africa. Their route is from the Yucatan Peninsula through the Caribbean Sea and on to a place north of Ascension Island, some 5000 miles!

They leave the tip of Mexico near Isla Holbox, off the Yucatan, in September. Their route takes them to Cuba and out across the Atlantic. That means this monster comes within a few miles of Florida. It is only a few hundred from Rockport. Wouldn't it be exciting to have a whale shark pay us a visit, like some migrating birds do each year? This guy would make Jaws look like a wimp.

God's creative genius continues to be amazing. It is no end to what He has done in creation. That same touch of brilliance beyond measure is preparing a world for His followers. The rules are simple but strict to go there. Love Him. Accept His Son. Follow Him.


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