No, Texas doesn't have a team playing in the Superbowl. Were the Texans and Cowboys lining up Sunday this state would be maddening! It didn't happen. If, however, you had an interest in sitting in the best on-field seat in Indianapolis you would have had to come up with $17,048 for a lower-level seat on the fifty yard line. I doubt that any reader cares, but that would have been three - years salary at the first full-time church I served. Some thought I was overpaid.

Face value of tickets are from $800. to $1200.. Problem is that one cannot get a ticket for that right now. You see there is profit in buying and selling these tickets. It is called "scalping", and is illegal. So is speeding and paying money at eight-liners.

On the college scene there are some joyous parents today. Their athletic sons have signed scholarships to one of our Universities. What is a scholarship worth? Depends on the school. Some are worth very little. Others have "if" stipulations. Still others could be worth $100,000. or more if honored and used properly. Twins from Ingleside High School received identical scholarships from McMurry in that school's first year to offer them, as they move to Division II play. That should bring great relief to those parents!.

How big does one need to be to get a scholarship? Running back, Marcus Price,. signed with Texas A&M Kingsville. He weighs in at 5' 5" and 150 pounds! He did score 23 touchdowns for Calallen. The heaviest one signing with a Division I school was Kimo Tipoti from Bell High School in Hurst he weighs in at 330 on his 6' 3" frame. Texas A& M will be responsible for Kimo's table fare. That might raise tuition.

On another athletic field of combat centuries ago, a giant measuring over nine feet in height swaggered out to face a teen-ager named David, armed with just a sling shot. It was a mismatch for sure, except for one thing: God was invested in the outcome. The giant from Gath was in the path ..... of God's plan for His people. That is a dangerous position . One tiny stone struck to the bone when the giant made a bone-head play. David "Tebowed", giving God credit for what He had done through his servant. .


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