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For the second straight year the college football spotlight shines on a Texas player. Last year it was RG III at Baylor. Griffin won the well-deserved Heisman and is proving it was no fluke. Ask the Dallas Cowboys.

At the close of this regular season that spot is shining on a 20 year old redshirt freshman from Kerrville named Johnny Manziel. He is being touted for the Heisman Trophy, the biggest honor available for a collegiate football player. Manziel is the rookie quarterback for Texas A & M. He has been absolutely incredible. I have watched him in several games on television. He topped it all when he led the Aggies to beat Alabama, then ranked number ONE in the nation.

Why would he not be a "shoo-in" for the award? No first year "freshman" has ever won it. That would break tradition for this 77 year old award. It would also be two years in a row that a Texas school received it for a player. In this year when Notre Dame finally limped back to the top, Eastern writers who vote on this, will be tempted to think East, or to Alabama, Georgia, Kansas State, Jeff Driskel, or Braxton Miller.We shall see. There is also politics in sports, or didn't you know?

Yesterday "Johnny Football" was allowed to be interviewed again. His coach wisely did not allow it during the season. An understatement was when he said he had been able to stay grounded. "My friends do the best job of making sure that doesn't get to my head or anything like that". Hey, that's what good friends are for.

What has he done? Led the Aggies to ten wins. Leads the SEC in rushing. Second in the nation in total offense. Leads SEC in pass completions. Led the team to score 43 touchdowns. Scored 19 of them himself. Led the team to defeat Alabama who was undefeated and ranked best in the nation. What else could one do? Lead the band at half-time? (Do they still march and spell out things?) It will be interesting to watch this play out.Anyway, "Johnny Football" has brought excitement back into the game at College Station.


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